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    Applications & Assets
    Keep all application and asset information at your fingertip.
    Increase productivity by having right information available everytime, anywhere.
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    Centralized Information
    Increase Productivity
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    Application Profile
    Technology Profiles
    Functional Profiles

Centralized Applications & Assets Repository

Application,Releases,Functions,Assets,Contacts,Risk/Compliance - All in one place


Application & Portfolios

Manage application in application portfolios. Application owners, approvers, contacts, groups. Application releases

Technologies & Business Functions

Application technologies, architecture, interfaces, business function, components

Application Risk, Compliance, Readiness

Application deficiencies, risks, compliance and issues and redemiation

Asset Information

Business function mapping, application components.

Asset Risk, Compliance, Readiness

Asset deficiencies, risks, compliance and issues and redemiation

Technology Library

Technology standards, software catalog.

All information centralized, available anytime, anywhere

No more spread-sheets, gathering data and maintaining adhoc documents. All data is centralized and self-service by employees.

Free Support & Updates

All Support is free of charge. Existing customers automatically get all the new features released.

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